Brewing Technician

Our Brewing Technician Program is offered in association with Highlander Brew Co. and combines online instruction with an intensive field-related practicum to prepare you for a future career working in breweries of all kinds.

This 36-week program allows you to learn and study from the comfort of your own home. You’ll follow courses in Brewery Health & Safety, Hops & and the Chemistry of Wort Boiling, Yeast & Fermentation, Beer Maturation and more. You’ll also gain a strong knowledge of marketing, distribution, regulations and taxes for a well-rounded understanding of the beer brewing industry. After completing the virtual classroom portion of the program, you’ll be assigned to various breweries for a 360-hour practicum that gives you hands-on training and experience.

Get in touch with CTS Canadian Career College today to learn more about our Brewing Technician Program. All CTS programs offer continuous intake and flexible start dates, instruction from industry-experienced professionals and set class times so you can study and still manage your everyday obligations. At CTS, nothing stands between your education and success!


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